7 Things To Consider When Ordering Custom Birthday Cakes In London

When it comes to celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, a custom birthday cake can be a delicious and personalised addition to the celebration. As a result, it is recommended to consider the best birthday cakes from London’s top bakery shops. That being said, custom birthday cakes from Designer Cake Of London are known for exceeding expectations and leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Whether you’re looking to order a custom birthday cake in London or you are already thinking about it, here are seven things you should consider.

1. Theme and Design

Before ordering a custom birthday cake, consider the theme and design that best reflects the personality and interests of the recipient. Whether it is a favourite hobby, a beloved character, or a specific color scheme, sharing these details with Designer Cake Of London will help in creating a cake that perfectly captures the essence of the celebration.

2. Flavour and Dietary Requirements

When ordering a custom birthday cake, it is crucial to consider the flavour preferences and any dietary requirements of the recipient and guests. Designer Cake Of London offers a variety of delectable flavours and is well-equipped to accommodate dietary restrictions, including vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free options, ensuring that everyone can indulge in the celebration.

3. Size and Servings

Determining the appropriate size of the custom birthday cake is essential, depending on the number of guests and the serving size. Designer Cake Of London offers a range of cake sizes to accommodate intimate gatherings or larger celebrations, ensuring that every slice is equally delicious and satisfying.

4. Delivery and Setup

Consider the logistics of cake delivery and setup, especially for larger or elaborate custom designs. Designer Cake Of London provides reliable delivery services, ensuring that the custom birthday cake arrives safely and is set up with precision, allowing you to focus on enjoying the celebration without added stress.

5. Budget and Pricing

Establishing a budget for the custom birthday cake is an important consideration. Designer Cake Of London offers transparent pricing and works closely with customers to create a custom cake that aligns with their budget while delivering exceptional quality and artistry.

6. Personalisation and Customisation

Custom birthday cakes are an opportunity to personalize every detail, from the flavour and design to any special messages or inscriptions. Designer Cake Of London specializes in bringing unique visions to life, ensuring that every custom cake is a reflection of the recipient’s individuality and the sentiment behind the celebration.

7. Ordering Lead Time

Allowing sufficient lead time for ordering a custom birthday cake is essential, especially for intricate designs or during peak celebration seasons. Designer Cake Of London recommends placing orders in advance to secure a spot in their production schedule and to guarantee that every detail of the custom cake is meticulously planned and executed.

Order The Best Birthday Cakes in London

Ordering custom birthday cakes in London is an opportunity to create a memorable and personalised event for any celebration. By considering the above-listed essential factors, customers can ensure a delightful and stress-free experience. When ordering the best custom birthday cakes from Designer Cake Of London, we allow you to bring your ideas to life. Feel free to get in touch with us today at  +44 7946 846082  or email sales@designercakesoflondon.co.uk, and we can discuss your requirements for the best birthday cake for your loved one.

5 Ways Your Personality Can Determine Your Birthday Cake Design

Buying a birthday cake for your  loved one should not only be about dessert, it should  be about having a centerpiece that reflects their unique personality and adds a special touch to the celebration. At Designer Cakes Of London, we understand the importance of creating a bespoke cake that is visually stunning and deeply personal. As one of London’s top birthday cake shop, we specialise in designing personalised birthday cakes that cater to a variety of tastes and styles. Whether you are in search of elegant birthday cakes for women, bespoke birthday cakes for men, or whimsical birthday cakes for children, our expert bakers and decorators are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we share five ways your personality can influence the design of your birthday cake, ensuring it becomes a memorable centerpiece of your celebration.

1. The Classic Sophisticate

For those who exude elegance and timeless style, a classic and sophisticated cake design is ideal. Think along the lines of delicate floral patterns, monochromatic colour schemes, and intricate lace detailing. These elements are perfect for birthday cakes for women who appreciate the finer things in life. At Designer Cakes Of London, we can create a cake that mirrors your refined taste, using premium ingredients and exquisite decoration techniques.

2. The Adventurous Explorer

If you have a passion for travel and adventure, let your cake tell your story. Whether it is a globe-trotting theme with maps and landmarks or a cake that showcases your favorite travel destinations, we can bring your adventurous spirit to life. For birthday cakes of men who love the thrill of exploration, incorporating elements such as mountain peaks, camping gear, or nautical themes can make the cake truly personalised.

3. The Creative Artist

For the creative souls who see the world through a unique lens, a cake that reflects your artistic flair is a must. Bright colours, abstract designs, and unconventional shapes can transform your cake into a piece of edible art. This approach is perfect for birthday cakes for children who have a budding interest in art or for adults who have made creativity their life’s work. Our team at Designer Cakes Of London is skilled in creating lively, imaginative designs that celebrate your artistic personality.

4. The Fun-Loving Party Enthusiast

If you are the life of the party, your cake should be as fun and lively as you are. Bold colours, playful decorations, and themes that reflect your favorite hobbies or interests can make your cake the highlight of the celebration. For birthday cakes for children, think about incorporating popular characters, sports themes, or interactive elements such as candy-filled piñata cakes. For adults, themes can range from favorite movies to beloved sports teams. Our London birthday cake shop specialises in creating fun, personalised cakes that capture the essence of your festive spirit.

5. The Minimalist

For those who believe less is more, a minimalist cake design can be just as impactful. Clean lines, simple color palettes, and subtle decorations can create a cake that is both elegant and modern. This style is ideal for birthday cakes of men who prefer understated sophistication or for women who appreciate the beauty of simplicity. At Designer Cakes Of London, we can design minimalist cakes that still feel special and personal, using high-quality ingredients and expert craftsmanship.

Buy From The Leading London birthday cake shop

If you are looking for a birthday cake that reflects your personality and makes your celebration truly unique and memorable,  Designer Cakes Of London is your partner. We offer a wide range of personalized birthday cakes for women, men, and children. Our talented team is trained to bake and design all types of personalised cakes that look stunning and taste delicious. Visit our London birthday cake shop or call at +44 7946 846082 to start designing the perfect cake for your next birthday celebration.

Steps to Correctly Make An Online Luxury Birthday Cake Order in London

Luxury birthday cakes are exquisite creations that go beyond the ordinary to elevate the celebration of a special day. These cakes are often crafted with the finest ingredients, intricate designs, and attention to detail, resulting in stunning works of art that not only taste delicious but also leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

When it comes to buying luxury birthday cakes at Designer Cakes Of London, the possibilities are endless. From classic flavours such as chocolate and vanilla to more exotic options such as red velvet, salted caramel, or champagne-infused cake, our collection has something to suit every taste and preference. Also, our luxury birthday cakes regularly feature elaborate decorations such as edible flowers, hand-piped frosting designs, edible gold leaf, or personalized fondant sculptures, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication to the celebration.

Today, making online cake orders for luxury birthday cakes in London is a convenient and hassle-free process. This is why we offer an online ordering platform where customers can browse through a wide selection of cake designs, flavours, and customization options from the comfort of their own homes. Here is how to make online cake orders in London.

Choose a Reputable Bakery

Start by researching and selecting reputable bakeries or cake designers in London such as Designer Cakes Of London known for their high-quality ingredients, craftsmanship, and excellent customer service. Look for online reviews, testimonials, and portfolios of their previous work to ensure they meet your expectations.

Browse Cake Options

Once you have chosen a bakery, visit their website to browse through their selection of luxury birthday cakes. Most online platforms will feature a variety of cake designs, flavours, and sizes to select from. Take your time to explore different options and select the one that best suits the birthday theme, preferences, and dietary requirements of the recipient.

Customise Your Cake

Many bakeries offer customisation options for their cakes, allowing you to personalise the design, flavour, and message to make the cake truly special. Whether you want to add a custom message, incorporate specific colours or themes, or request dietary modifications such as gluten-free or vegan options, be sure to communicate your preferences clearly when placing your order.

Place Your Order

Once you have finalised the details of your cake, proceed to place your order through the bakery’s online ordering platform. Provide the necessary information such as delivery address, preferred delivery date and time, and any special instructions or requests you may have. Review your order carefully to ensure all details are accurate before submitting it.

The Final Word

By following these steps, you can easily make an online cake order for your luxury birthday cakes in London and ensure a memorable and delicious celebration for your loved ones. Whether it is a milestone birthday, a special anniversary, or any other occasion worth celebrating, a luxury cake is sure to delight and impress the recipient with its decadent taste and exquisite presentation. As one of the leading bakeries, our professional bakers here at Designer Cakes Of London are skilled in handling any type of bespoke birthday cake, so feel free to contact us with your requirements.

Unveiling the Artistry of Wedding Cakes and Birthday Cakes in London: A Slice of Elegance

In the dynamic city of London, where style meets tradition, wedding cakes in London stand as a beacon of culinary artistry. The journey of creating wedding cakes and birthday cakes becomes an immersive experience, where dreams are transformed into edible masterpieces. Elevate your celebrations with the bespoke elegance and delectable joy of Designer Cakes of London – your destination for the finest wedding and birthday cakes in the heart of this iconic city.

Every best birthday cake in London is expertly crafted to capture the soul of the couple’s journey, drawing inspiration from various sources such as the venue, the couple’s tale, or a particular theme. The wedding cakes of Designer Cakes of London are of unparalleled artistic quality. Each tier is decorated with elaborate patterns, tiny sugar flowers, and unique features, resulting in a visual masterpiece that serves as the focal point of the wedding celebration.

Best Birthday Cakes in London: Sweets for Every Celebration:

  • Celebrating Milestones:Birthdays are significant events that should be honored, and Designer Cakes of London creates the greatest birthday cakes to add even more magic to those occasions. Every cake, whether it’s for a milestone year, a sweet sixteen, or a first birthday, is created to capture the essence of the celebrant’s style and character.
  • Themed Delights:Imagination knows no bounds when it comes to birthday cakes at Designer Cakes of London. From whimsical designs for children’s birthdays to sophisticated themes for adults, the team brings stories to life in edible form. Whether inspired by a favorite hobby, a cherished character, or a specific color palette, themed delights add a personal touch to birthday celebrations.
  • Flavorful Variety:The best birthday cakes aren’t just visually appealing; they’re also a delight to the palate. Designer Cakes of London offers a flavorful variety that goes beyond the ordinary. Decadent chocolate, zesty lemon, or a combination of indulgent flavors, the options are vast, ensuring that each birthday cake is a delectable experience.
  • Customization for All Ages:Birthdays are celebrated at every age, and Designer Cakes of London embraces the diversity of clientele. From playful and colorful cakes for children to elegant and sophisticated creations for adults, the customization options cater to all ages. Each cake is a bespoke masterpiece, ensuring that the birthday celebration is as unique as the individual being celebrated.

The Designer Cakes of London Difference:

The journey of creating a Designer Cake of London masterpiece begins with a bespoke consultation. Whether it’s for a wedding or a birthday, the team invests time in understanding the client’s vision, preferences, and requirements. This personalized approach ensures that each cake is a reflection of the client’s unique story.At the heart of Designer Cakes of London is a team of skilled artisans who bring dreams to life with their artistry. From handcrafted sugar flowers to meticulous detailing, the level of craftsmanship is evident in every cake. The team’s dedication to perfection ensures that each creation surpasses expectations.

How to prepare the perfect birthday cake?

The cake is always the central element of a birthday party. Whether it is that of a relative or a friend, even our own, the moment to blow out the candles lit on the cake can never be missed!

A bespoke birthday cake, made with love, is always a much-appreciated gesture. Although choosing which birthday cake to prepare seems rather simple, in reality, it must take into account many different factors! Here are tricks and tips on how to choose the perfect birthday cake.

A custom-made birthday cake

Remember, the key to selecting the ideal birthday cake lies in catering to the birthday celebrant’s desires! To ensure their utmost happiness, consider their unique preferences for sweets, crafting bespoke birthday cakes London exclusively for this joyous occasion.

For example, if it’s a child, you can think of a colorful and original birthday cake that no one will be able to resist! For grandmother’s 98th birthday, who doesn’t like classic desserts, you can think of cake prepared with a sponge, custard (classic and chocolate), and a decoration of whipped cream.

Count of the party guests

Creating a birthday cake demands thoughtful planning regarding the party attendees. The cake’s size should align with the number of guests expected, underscoring the importance of this preliminary headcount. Additionally, being aware of allergies and in tolerances, both of the birthday individual and their guests, ensures a dessert that caters to everyone’s needs.

The perfect season for every cake

So, after considering the tastes of the birthday boy and the location of the party, another thing to do is to evaluate the season in which it is located. And, consequently, what ingredients can you find?

For example, spring is the season to start preparing lots of birthday cakes with strawberries or a homemade fruit tart. In summer, however, it is very practical to prepare a delicious no-bake cheesecake. In winter and autumn, however, more filling-filled birthday cakes are very suitable!

Decorations: chocolate writings

To make a birthday cake truly special, the extra touch is the chocolate writing dedicated to the person being celebrated. The smooth, decadent strokes of melted chocolate delicately crafted into the recipient’s name, a heartfelt message, or a playful wish elevate the cake’s charm. Each stroke of the chocolate pen carries thoughtfulness, turning a simple confection into a canvas of affection. Whether it’s elegantly scripted cursive or whimsically playful print, these chocolate inscriptions make the moment unforgettable. They evoke smiles, create lasting memories, and add a touch of delicious creativity to the joyous occasion, leaving an indelible mark on both the cake and the heart.

Choose the cake

Finally, a clever trick is to first evaluate where the birthday cake will be eaten! If, in fact, it is a house party, it will certainly be more convenient to cut than having to do it during a picnic-style party!

In conclusion, preparing the perfect birthday cake involves considering the celebrant’s preferences, accommodating guest numbers, and choosing ingredients based on the season. Adding a personal touch with chocolate writing enhances the cake’s charm. For a hassle-free celebration, choose a cake that suits the venue. Make your next celebration unforgettable with our bespoke cakes – visit the London birthday cake shop today!

Savor the Delight: Custom Birthday Cakes in London


A beautifully created birthday cake is a key element in the celebration of special occasions. When it comes to custom birthday cakes, you will find a treasure of creativity and culinary genius in the vibrant city of London. You will find in London’s birthday cake shops a selection of cakes to match your wishes, whether you are looking for an elaborate masterpiece or a simple yet beautiful creation.

A custom birthday cake is more than just a dessert, it’s an artwork reflecting the personality and passion of that person who celebrates their anniversary. talented cake designers in London have prided themselves on being able to take your vision and turn it into reality.

Why you should choose a Bespoke Birthday Cake in London?

  • Personalization: Bespoke birthday cakes in London are created with your personal preferences in mind. To make sure your celebrations are perfectly complemented, you can choose from the choice of flavors, shapes, and sizes.
  • Unique Design: The shops in London offering birthday cakes offer a variety of creative designs. There’s something to suit every taste, from classic elegance to the newest extravagance.
  • Quality ingredients: London bakers ensure that their cakes are not only visually spectacular but also very delicious by using quality ingredients.
  • Memorable moments: A custom birthday cake creates a lasting memory, making your celebration even more special.

 London’s Birthday Cake Shop gems

  • Peggy Porschen’s Cakes: The cakes of Peggy Porschen have become an object of fascination for the eye and taste buds, thanks to their cute and Instagramgenic designs.
  • Lola’s Cupcakes: With a variety of flavors and designs, from traditional elegance to modern creativity, Lola’s Cupcakes is the place for you.
  • Konditor: Konditor’s witty and contemporary cake designs are appreciated by those who seek something out of the ordinary.

Order your custom cake for your birthday

It’s vital to have a good idea ahead of time when you order your customized birthday cake in London. There is usually a shortage of cakes at the best shops, so you need to book early in order to obtain your dream cake. You must be prepared to provide information on the cake’s design, its flavor, and any dietary restrictions.


London birthday cake shops offer an abundance of possibilities for those who wish to custom-design their own cakes. These artisanal creations are sure to have a lasting impression, whether you’re celebrating milestones, special occasions or just enjoying sweets. A bespoke birthday cake in London is not just a dessert; it’s a piece of edible art that makes your celebration truly unforgettable.

Celebrate Special Occasions with Cake Shop London: From Birthday Cakes for Children to Birthday Cakes for Women


Birthdays are an important day, and what is it without delicious cake? Cake Shops London offers you a great deal of delicious choices to make your celebration more special, whether it’s celebrating the baby’s birthday, an anniversary for women, or another special occasion.

Birthday Cakes for Children

Kids are excitedly anticipating their birthdays, and a delicious birthday cake for childrenis in the middle of it all.

  • Themed cakes: Based on the favorite characters, movies, or hobbies in your child’s life, think about creating a themed cake. The possibilities are endless from superhero to unicorn. The cakes are popular with kids, and make it a special day for them.
  • Toy-Infused Cakes: Bake shops can incorporate small toys or edible figurines into the cake’s design, adding an extra layer of excitement and playfulness to the celebration.
  • Cupcake tower: Choose a cupcake tower full of different flavors and toppings if you want to do some variation on the classic birthday cake for children. Kids who like variety are very happy to have this option.

Birthday Cakes for Women

Elegance and style take center stage when it comes to celebrating a woman’s birthday. Here are the most delicious options for birthday cakes for women:

  • Classic flavors: Old favorites, such as chocolate, vanilla, and velvet can often be appreciated by women. With beautiful frosting and decorations, it is possible to make these traditional cakes extraordinary.
  • Floral Elegance: Flowers are a timeless symbol of beauty and grace. To mark a woman’s special day, cakes decorated with edible flowers or delicately shaped blossoms are an excellent choice.
  • Artistic Designs: Many cake shops in London have skilled bakers who can create intricate, hand-painted designs, turning the cake into a work of art that reflects the woman’s personality and preferences.

Cake Shop London: Your Go-To Destination

On the occasion of your celebration, a cake shop in London is an ideal location to look for a good cake. There are many different cake shops in London, each offering something special. This lively city will offer everything from the newest trends in cakes to traditional favorites.

Choosing the Right Cake Shop

  • Consultations: There are consulting services offered by several cake shops. This consultation will allow you to talk about your ideas, themes, and dietary preferences.
  • Budget: You need to determine your budget and ask about the different pricing options. Let us know how much cake you want and any extra decorations or items that you have in mind.
  • Research: Visit a cake shop in Londonto find out more. To get an idea of their styles and specialties, take a look at their website, read customer’s comments, or check out their gallery of cakes..


Whether you’re looking for kids or women’s birthday cakes in London, the cake store has a huge range of options. This cake is made with the utmost precision and creativity, which makes your celebration a very special and memorable experience. You must plan for the perfect birthday cake shop in London that will be in line with your vision.

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London Birthday Cake Shop: Crafting the Perfect Cakes for Men and Women

Birthday Cakes for Women: A Celebration of Elegance

In London, you can find a wonderful range of options celebrating femininity and beauty when it comes to birthday cakes for women. For the ladies, here’s why these cakes are perfect:

  • Elegant designs: Pastel colors, flowers, and elaborate details are often used in elegant designs for birthday cakes for women. To make a statement and to display grace, these cakes are made.
  • Delicate Flavors: These cakes frequently feature delicate flavors like vanilla, lavender, rose, or fruity variations.
  • Luxurious Ingredients: Many cakes are made using high-quality and luxurious ingredients, making them a luxurious treat.
  • Themed cakes: London cake shops may also produce specially made cakes, which reflect the interests or hobbies.

Birthday Cake for Men: Celebrate with Flavors and Themes

London is offering a selection of cakes to celebrate the birthdays of gentlemen to suit their tastes. Here are the reasons why these birthday cakes for men are so good:

  • Flavorful:Birthday cakes for men often have a bold and exciting flavor profile. It is common to use chocolate, coffee, caramel, and even whiskey flavorings.
  • Minimalism and contemporary design: These cakes are typically characterized by the use of minimalism and new designs. They are attractive to men for their clean lines and simple, eye-catching aesthetics.
  • Rich Fillings: Rich and indulgent filling, such as dark chocolate ganache or salted caramel, is often found in men’s birthday cakes.
  • Custom cakes: To accommodate the birthday man’s liking, cake shops in London can produce custom cakes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, etc.

The Best Cake Shops in London for Your Birthday

In London, you are in luck when it comes to finding the perfect birthday cake for both men and women. A number of wonderful cake shops are in the city that can help you with your needs.

  • Peggy Porschen Cakes: Known for their beautifully designed and delicious cakes, Peggy Porschen Cakes is a favorite among those looking for elegant birthday cakes for women.
  • Konditors: For traditional, elegant cakes that are appropriate for a woman’s birthday, Konditor is an excellent choice.
  • The Crumb and Doilies: They’re a popular option for artistic, themed birthday cakes. There are plenty of lovely options to choose from.
  • Choccywockydoodah: This shop is the perfect place for men with specific interests to pick out their birthday cake if they want an extravagantly decorated cake.


London’s birthday cake shops are a testament to the city’s rich culinary diversity and creativity. You’ll find a cake suited to their taste, interests, and style no matter which woman or man you celebrate. This cake is more than just a simple dessert; it’s a work of art that adds to the specialness of your birthday in London.

Expert Tips on Creating a Unique Birthday Cake in London

The cake is the perfect way to celebrate every occasion. There is always a suitable time for cake. Are you getting married? Or is it your or your children’s birthday? Or perhaps a promotion? Or a bad day? The cake is necessary. However, you must seriously consider your cake’s design regarding significant life events. It’s a lot of fun, and we’ll show you how to do it correctly. We’re never short of thoughts and opinions and eager to explore new possibilities. However, there are certain things you’ll need to think about in the end. Because of this, we have compiled this guide to assist you in preparing your special birthday cake.

Budget With Expertise

Creating a beautiful cake is a skill. Your cake designer can do the most with your budget if they know what it is. If you don’t know how much money you have, provide a range. Without knowing your budget, they may quote a simpler cake. Communicating about money openly and early on helps keep things simple.


How many guests will be attending your birthday party — six, sixty, or six hundred? A baker requires this information. It will change the price, as well as the shape and size of your cake. We can make little tiddly-tiered cakes if you want tiers but don’t expect a large guest list. We can make a beautiful centerpiece and enhance it with cake cutting to feed hundreds of people. There are methods to make it all possible with cake stand hire.

Now that everything is signed, sealed, and delivered, you may relax.

Take it from us, the experienced professionals in the custom-cake industry: you shouldn’t pick up your cake. Never do that. Get the cake delivered to the celebration by the bakery. Trust only the trained professionals with your delicate valuables. They have one task, and it’s to get it to you undamaged.

We’re theme fans.

Tell the baker about your ideas for the cake’s design. Show your cake decorator examples of fantastic custom cakes you’ve seen on social media. However, you should avoid becoming overly rigid in your thinking. The person who bakes your cakes is likely a talented artist who can create something even more spectacular than anything you’ve seen. Give them free rein to showcase their artistic abilities with something appetizing.

No Milk? Eating Requirements? No Problem

Make sure to inform your cake baker of any special dietary needs your guests may have. Choose a bakery that is certified as nut-free or gluten-free to eliminate any cross-contamination risk in the event of severe allergies. Then you’ll have complete protection, and everyone may chow down without guilt.

Find a baker who specializes in sugar-free cakes if you need a sugar-free or diabetic cake. However, keep in mind that most elaborate patterns call for sugar paste, so if you don’t have any on hand, you may have to temper your expectations for large designs.

Could you find a local baker and support them?

Find a cake shop in London that makes and distributes cakes if that’s where you reside. Due to the delicate nature of cakes, it is important that you use a local bakery and delivery service.

How would you want your ideal custom birthday cake to look? Is it a peanut butter and Nutella cake or a pastel pink dessert appropriate for a princess? Just shoot an email over to info@designergiftsoflondon.com detailing what you’re looking for, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Cost starts from

£165 depending on size and number of servings

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